Why use container seals

Company News, 09-28-2018

Theft from shipping containers is increasingly common. Criminals are ever more skilled in breaking seals to containers. After removal of the goods from the container, the seal is imperceptibly restored to its original state, thus giving the impression that the container has been closed during transport and while being stored in the port, while in fact it wasn’t.To protect your valuable content in those containers of course. You should therefore endeavour to use the best possible security seals.   Our experience becomes your security.

A barrier security seal requires both a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder and a cable cutter for removal to prevent break-ins by thieves who generally do not carry such sophisticated tools with them. More than a container seal, more than a container lock, barrier seals are both, and then some. Affixing a high security barrier seal to the container’s keeper bars prevent container doors from swinging open. If you are looking for the best container security on the market, you cannot get better than the range of container seals from tengxin.

We in good hands: you benefit from over 10years' experience in the production of security seals and receive professional on-site advice from our security experts. You can enjoy the world's highest standards of quality, reliability and advice after delivery. Get in touch and put us to the test. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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