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To meet the different regions, different environment and various requirements of users, the company of electricity meter box is developed from single table to 12 tables of all kinds of different specifications, different style of product categories for the customer to choose from. All products of the company consider customer demand, using the environment can be indoor and outdoor installation conditions can hang lever, can hang a wall, wall embedded. Can be installed all kinds of mechanical meters or electronic meters, and can be installed the user switches and leakage protector, with functions of preventing electricity-stolen.

My company produces meter box durable, stable and reliable quality, the service life of the indoor installation for 50 years, the service life of the outdoor installation can be up to 30 years. Directly fixed on the wall or on telephone poles, adapt to any specifications of the mechanical watch or electronic assembly, can install leakage switch DZ47 or RCL fuse and isolating switch. Electric meter and switch separate separate, the user can control switch, line all naked, with functions of preventing electricity-stolen.

Products are widely used in residential construction, reconstruction of domestic load, can be installed prepaid digital watch table 1 to 12 existing table table box styles complete, mold has more than 100 picture, at the same time can have on the table in the installation, the secondary protection, single-family switches, terminal blocks, multiple functions such as control switch box. Can be directly fixed on the wall or installed on the telegraph poles, the installation of mechanical watch or electronic DD862, DD282, etc. Installation of junction box, leakage switch DZ12, DZ18, DZ47, RCL fuse, and isolating switch, etc. The user can directly manipulate switch outside the enclosure.

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