The advantages of High Security Truck Seals products and the effect of laser marking

Industry News, 03-17-2023

With the continuous replacement of lead seal products, a variety of products continue to develop new functions and features. As one of the lead seal products, high-security seals are also constantly adapting to the progress of the times and developing new features. Laser marking on Security Truck Seals products has become more and more standard in the production of High Security Truck Seals products.

High Security Truck Seals, also known as container seals, is a lead seal product often used on containers, and can also be applied to trucks, vans, tankers, container trucks, and doors. Since it is a lead-sealed product, a series of codes or number segments are usually laser-engraved or printed on the surface of the lead-sealed product. High Security Truck Seals products generally use mild steel as the main material of the lock body and the lock head, and the surface of the lock body and lock head is wrapped with ABS plastic to form a corrosion-resistant, high-hardness seal product. Laser engraving on the ABS plastic is much better than the hot stamping code. After the hot stamping code cannot be engraved, the number segment can not be engraved and the corresponding barcode cannot be engraved. This is the disadvantage of the hot stamping code. On the High Security Truck Seals products, laser engraving can not only engrave the number section clearly, but also engrave bar codes, which raises a new level for anti-counterfeiting.
The reason why High Security Truck Seals has become a lead seal product for containers is not only its one-time seal safety, but the laser engraving on the seal adds a layer of security.
Advantages of high security seal:
With "anti-rotation" function, it cannot be pulled out by high-speed rotation after being locked; there is a circlip-type lock bar in the product cover. After the product is locked, the circlip acts on the metal head of the rod and is inserted into the groove of the metal head. Achieve the blockade effect.
The manufacturer of High Security Truck Seals tells you that the lock has good and solid characteristics. Locking type lock, this lock is one-time, once it is sealed, it cannot be opened, the circlip structure, the lock rod locks the lock sleeve and locks it, which plays a good role in sealing the box.

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