The method of administration and the scope of application of the blockade

Industry News, 10-20-2022

Management method of blockade

1. For the storage, distribution and recovery of lead sealing and blocking, an account shall be established and full-time management shall be assigned.

2. Lead sealing is used for sealing various types of tank covers, boxes, and other related measuring devices, special situations, and special locations.

3. The user of the lead seal must keep the lead seal properly, and shall not lend, transfer, copy or forge it at will.

4. The loading personnel shall fill in the lead seal quantity and number on the loading application form according to the actual situation on site.

5. Statistics shall be made once a month to summarize the number of lead seals used, the number of scrapped and the number of old lead seals recovered by each vehicle in this month.

6. If the lead seal is damaged during use, it needs to be reissued. The damaged lead seal must be kept and replaced with a new one. The damaged lead seal number must be recorded.

Scope of use of blockade

1.The sealing personnel have no right to unseal the tank mouth device of the vehicle under normal sealing.

2.All drivers shall not change the lead seal. In case of any internal abnormality, it must be sealed on site and signed by the customer for approval. At the same time, report to the operating personnel, and confirm the operation responsibility

3. Drivers are only allowed to seal the tank mouth on site.

4.Other personnel shall inform the customer to unseal and seal together if necessary.

5. When sealing the tank mouth device, the lead seal must be clearly marked and numbered.

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