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Industry News, 10-10-2022

       Fee means the fee, professional service fee, tip, etc. to be paid. SealFee means lead sealing fee. In the case of full container shipping, SealFee is very common, but not all shipping companies will charge SealFee. Perhaps it is not charged alone, but may be included in other fees.
       When indicating expenses, you can also use Charge in addition to Fee Fee and charge can be exchanged at all, such as handling fee/HandlingCharge, picking fee PickUpCharge/PickUpFee. SealFee is commonly known as "lead sealing fee" in freight forwarding The lead seals provided by the shipping company for containers are basically made of steel, and they are high-strength steel. Therefore, seals are sometimes called "Bolt seals"
       Bolt seal is a kind of sealing equipment. Once sealed, it will be locked. If you want to open it, you can only damage the seal, otherwise you cannot unseal it. Some old lead seals can still be restored after being turned over, but the bolt seal can not be restored to the original state, and the safety is very high, so it is called bolt seal.
       The lead seal has only the seal number, so as to facilitate handling and tracing. The lead seal in full container shipping is similar to the setting of one-time lock catch when the box door is sealed after the goods are loaded and the box door is correctly closed. In fact, lead seals have many uses, not limited to shipping containers. Customs seal and commodity inspection seal also belong to lead seal, and container lead seal belongs to commercial seal.

       Once the one-time lead seal is sealed, it cannot be opened unless it is violently damaged (usually cut off). The damaged lead seal cannot be used from the beginning, and each lead seal has a unique number. Therefore, if the container door is properly closed, the lead seal with fixed number is intact, and the appearance of the container is outstanding, it can be proved that no one is open during the transportation of the container.

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