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REC102 ISO 17712 Classification Truck Door Latches Cable Seal

Style:cable seal

Material:Aluminium alloy,A3 wire rope

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:RUIER

Model Number:REC102

Product Name:REC102 ISO 17712 Classification Truck Door Latches Cable Seal

Lock body size:26.3*26.5*8.8


Packing size:38*38*13

Fabrication process:Oxidative coloring,stamping

Color:red, yellow,orange,blue,green and so on

Printing type:Laser marking

Marking contents:Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes

Tensile strength:>3.0KN

Product certificate:ISO17712

Description Parameter

REC102 ISO 17712 Classification Truck Door Latches Cable Seal

Structure Diagram

Item Name

REC102  ISO 17712 Classification Truck Door Latches Cable Seal

Model No.



Aluminum lock head,zinc alloy core


1.Flex Cable Seal npc. has excellent temperature stability
2.Individual attachment of the steel cable through Cable Pull Locking [CPL] allows precise application
3.The steel rope diameter has very high tensile strength and is heavy
4.Excellent readability even in artificial light
5.Oxide protective layer as an indicator of tampering
6.For sealing no tool is required
7.Already for openings from Ø 1.5 mm
8.To unseal with quality steel rope cutters


trucks, containers, wire baskets, cars, shipping containers, swap bodies, tank containers, fuse boxes, tool boxes, motors, water pumps, transport containers, computer cases, chemical containers, Tanker Valves, Chemical Valves, Gas Valves, Ship Valves, Milk Tankers.


1.Steel rope length: 250 mm,300mm
2.Steel cable diameter: 1.5mm,1.8mm 2.5mm,3.5mm,3.0mm,4.0mm5.0mm
3.Marking area: 26.5 mm x 26.3 mm


1.Red, yellow, green, blue, white, black, orange, gray etc.

2.According to customers' requests


Laer making :consecutive numbering, Bar code, Name, Logo


plastic bags in carton;

Products Packaging

Company Information
Real Lock is one of the largest manufacturer of security seals in China and export bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals , meter seals and so on, which are applied in all kinds of transportation industry.The Fast heavy duty plastic seals is a relatively strong seal despite of its small dimensions. This is partly due to the metal locking mechanism, which secures the seal.The Fast Seals are available in either Polypropylene (PP) or Nylon. The characteristics of Nylon material make it stronger and has a better pull strength than PP material.The Fast heavy duty plastic seals are easy to use for all applications with small sealing facilities e.g. cassettes for ATM machines and money boxes where the Fast Seals are widely utilised.

Production Scene

Every product needs more than ten strict procedures to be tested before it can leave the factory. Unqualified products are never allowed to flow out of the factory. Advanced production lines and testing equipment are provided to ensure the quality of the products. A modern industrial production enterprise from R&D, design, testing to batch production is formed.

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