What are the advantages of tamper evident security seal

Company News, 03-17-2023

The use of tamper evident security seals in lead seal products is mainly determined by the strengths of tamper evident security seals. The tamper evident security seal adopts PP+PE materials, which are acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant and insulating, and resistant to aging and endurance. Strong characteristics. It can maintain the shape unchanged in the environment of minus 45 degrees to minus 50 degrees. It can be tightened and adjusted at will when sealing.

The tamper evident security seal contains shrapnel, which is made of A3 stainless steel. It has high strength, excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. After the seal is locked, the sealing tape and shrapnel have the effect of twice the tensile force of the general one-time molding product. The sealed box has a sense of security. The main reason is that the serrations on the seal can be tightly attached to the elastic plastic buckle inside the plastic mouth, and the tensile force is greater than 300N, so the tamper evident security seal can have a strong fixing effect.
There is another advantage of tamper evident security seal, which is easy to handle after use, without burdening the environment.
The color of tamper evident security seal can be customized according to customer requirements. The seal can also print what customers want, such as name, LOGO, etc., as well as barcode, serial number, etc. Among them, the serial number and barcode can prevent goods from being stolen and packaged off. Of course, it can also prevent criminals from forging seals and doing illegal acts. This is why many people choose tamper evident security seal.

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